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WebScope 2 is now available!

  • Always private. Only people you invite can see your video.
  • Works with any webcam, camcoder, wireless or security camera.
  • Works with any high-speed Internet.
  • No long term contracts.
  • No setup fees.

WebScope Do-It-Yourself Setup

Follow these steps to start your video broadcast:
  1. Make sure your video camera (a webcam, or a camcoder, or a wireless or security camera) is connected to your computer and working properly. See Hardware Guide if you need help.

  2. Download and install WebScope software on your computer. Make sure your version of WebScope supports your version of Windows and also supports drivers for your camera.

    Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7
    Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium
    Windows 7
    WebScope 1.0 Under Windows XP Mode
    WebScope 2.0

  3. Start WebScope on your computer and you should see the video from your camera in the WebScope's preview.

  4. Login to your account at, and click "WebScope Camera Owner". You will see the list of your WebScope cameras. Use "Camera Title" column to find the camera your are setting up now. This will be the same Camera Title you entered when your signed up for the service. Copy "Camera ID" and paste it into the WebScope software you just installed.

  5. Click the "Rec." button on your WebScope software and your broadcast will begin.

  6. To invite audience to your broadcast you will need email addresses of your vievers. Login to your account at, and click "WebScope Camera Owner." Click "Invite Viewers" in the Toolbox for your camera. Enter an email address of a viewer and click "Invite". Repeat invitations for all your viewers. Each viewer you invite will receive an email invitation with personalized password to access your broadcast.

Thank you for using WebScope! We appresiate your feedback.
Professional installation and Turn-key solutions are available upon request.
If you have any questions please contact or call (425) 644-4500

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