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WebScope 2 is now available!

  • Always private. Only people you invite can see your video.
  • Works with any webcam, camcoder, wireless or security camera.
  • Works with any high-speed Internet.
  • No long term contracts.
  • No setup fees.

WebScope hardware guide

WebScope can pick up video and audio from just about anything!
This guide will help you put together WebScope broadcast at an affordable cost using commodity off-the-shelf components.
If you need help, professional installation may be available in your area.

There is a camera for every task and budget, and WebScope works with all of them given the right connectivity.
Device Connectivity Typical Usage
WebCam USB. Connects to laptops and desktops. Low-cost, fair-quality video
Digital Camcorder IEEE1394. IEEE1394 also known as FireWire or i.LINK or DV.
Connects to laptops and desktops.
High-quality video.
Professional studio-grade video
Analog Camcorder
Security camera
Wireless camera
Any RCA video source
Any S-Video video source
Video capture adapter (external USB).
Connects to laptops and desktops.
High-quality video
Video capture card (internal PCI).
Installed into desktops.
Professional studio-grade video

WebCams provide an easy, quick, and low-cost way to start broadcasting with WebScope. WebCams are widely available in electronics stores and cost from $20 to $100+. Make sure your webcam and your computer support USB II also known as high-speed USB. Most modern webcams and computers already support it. If your computer does not have a USB II connector, you will need to install an adapter. USB II adapters cost about $20 for both desktops and laptops. If a webcam's cable is too short you can extend it with additional USB cables ($5+) or repeaters ($15+). Some webcams include wall-mount and even night vision.

Example hardware and related connectivity accessories*
WebCams USB II adapters USB II extenders
Hundreds of webcams
from $20 to $100+
For laptop: USB2 to PCMCIA
For desktop: USB2 to PCI
Type A m/f passive cables
Type A m/f active repeaters

Digital Camcorders
Most digital camcorders can work as a TV-quality webcam and connect directly to your laptop or desktop. Make sure your digital camcorder has a feature called "Web-Camera Function via IEEE 1394". If camcorder does not have this feature, you will have to connect it as an analog camcoder via an RCA connector and a capture adapter, see below. Assuming your digital camcorder has the "Web-Camera Function via IEEE 1394" you will simply connect camcorder straight to your laptop or desktop. Most modern computers already have an IEEE1394 connector. If your computer does not have an IEEE1394 you will need to install an adapter. IEEE1394 adapters cost about $30 for laptops and $15 for desktops. Most digital camcorders use a DirectX driver and will be supported soon in WebScope 2.0. Digital Camcorders are widely available in electronics stores for $200+.

Example hardware and related connectivity accessories*
Digital Camcorders IEEE1394 adapters IEEE1394 cables
JVC GR-D850 MiniDV
Resellers: 1
For laptop: IEEE1394 to PCMCIA
For desktop: IEEE1394 to PCI
4-pin to 6-pin

Analog Camcorders and Security Cameras
For a professional-looking broadcast you may use a camcorder, security camera, DVD, VCR, or any other video source. To connect a camcorder or security camera to a computer you will need a video capture adapter. Video capture adapters can be internal (installed into a desktop) or external (connected to a laptop or desktop via USB). Internal adapters cost about $160+, and external adapters cost about $40+. Make sure your video capture adapter can deliver uncompressed video. Most external adapters use a DirectX driver and will be supported soon in WebScope 2.0. Camcorders usually provide better video quality and more flexibility than webcams. Camcorders are widely available for $200+. Security cameras are a preferred solution when you need to fix the camera location for a long time, or if you need night-vision or weather-proofing. Security cameras can be wired ($40+ per camera) or wireless ($70+ per camera), and usually can show multiple cameras on the same screen.

Example hardware and related connectivity accessories*
Camcorders Security cameras and systems (CCTV) Video capture adapters
Wireless Wired Internal External
Any Camcorder
with RCA or S-Video
Single-camera ($70+)
Wisecomm/Clover CW3510
Resellers: 1

Multi-camera ($300+)
Wisecomm/Clover CW3594
Single-camera ($40+)
Lorex SG6163
Resellers: 1 2

Multi-camera ($300+)
Lorex SHS-4SM
RCA to PCI uncompressed ($160+)
Viewcast Osprey-210
Resellers: 1 2
RCA to USB uncompressed ($40+)
ADS Video Xpress USBAV-192-EF
Resellers: 1 2

*This information is provided for illustration only, we do not endorse any particular vendor or device at this time.
Vendors: Submit your device for certification

** Prices were found on respective third-party websites as of July 2008 and are subject to change.

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